At Flin Lee, we are dedicated to explore unlimited imagination and explore crafting exceptional unique bespoke jewellery just for you. We bring you on a journey with our finest collection of natural gemstones and crafted by our master artisan, to create your sparkling bespoke story. With a heritage of exceptional artistry, and a passion for crafting the extraordinary, our Celebrity Designer architects and conceptualize each unique request into a dazzling reality. Only with astonishing gemstones sourced around the globe by our Gem Hunter and forged by our Master Craftsmen, your story is exalted in Flin Lee’s bespoke creations.

The Bespoke Journey

A cryptic message of love that only the couple can decipher, let us capture your love story into a price of bespoke wedding jewellery.

Chapter 1

The Consultation

"Chasing the dream, together"

We begin by getting to know your story and needs such as your dream gemstone, design preferences and budget so that we can best craft your unique story into your perfect ring.

Chapter 2

Design Ideation

"Inspired by you, crafted by us"

Our designers will then work their magic to present sketches and concepts for your perusal. Upon approval of the final sketch, 3D image will be created to give you a realistic preview of the final product.

Chapter 3

Design Ideation

"Quest for absolute perfection"

Every gemstones are unique. Your desired gemstones will be ethically sourced by our gem hunters. Working with only the most prestigious and exclusive gems around the world, it’ll be love at first sight.

Chapter 4

Crafting & Delivery

"The final frontier"

Your commissioned piece will be handcrafted by our master artisan. In 8-12 weeks, your own emblem of commitment and everlasting love will be told. Behold your bespoke story.


The word ‘Bespoke’ means custom-made. Bespoke jewellery is designed and made especially for you. It all starts with a conversation, our celebrity designer will interact with you to learn what ideas you have and the reason you’re creating this piece, so that we can explore the possibilities mutually. From this, he will develop designs that will capture your story while staying true to Flin Lee’s signature finesse.

The design’s complexity and our ongoing projects usually determine the time required to complete a commissioned piece. On average, it takes roughly 6-12 weeks from our initial meeting to when you receive the piece. For more information, get in touch with our team for a more accurate estimate.

The following steps are involved in creating a  bespoke piece:

  1. An initial in-person consultation is set up, where we will talk you through the design process and outline your inspirations, budget, gemstone preferences, and design direction.
  2. Based on the choice of your gemstone, our designers will then work their magic to present sketches and concepts on paper for your perusal. Upon approval of the final hand drawn sketch, a 3D rendered model of your piece will be created to give you a realistic preview of the final product.
  3. As we start preparations for your bespoke piece, we will begin our curation process, sourcing a selection of magnificent stones for your commissioned piece.
  4. Once the gemstones are delivered to our workshop, your commissioned piece will be handcrafted by us. This process is highly intricate and generally takes between 6 to 12 weeks (subject to the complexity of your design).
  5. We will contact you once your bespoke piece is finally ready. We will then deliver your bespoke piece straight out to you or you can drop by our atelier and collect it yourself.

As every bespoke piece is different, there is no fixed amount for commisioning it. We will provide you with an initial quote for your bespoke jewellery once you have expressed your interest.

At Flin Lee, you can commission a bespoke piece with prices starting from —– for a 18K Gold ring and —— for a Platinum Ring. These prices are quoted without any diamonds or gemstones, and will vary depending on complexity of the design.

We recommend you to spend what you can afford without having second thoughts about your purchase. The occasion of an engagement is the start of a remarkable journey and you should be completely happy and satisfied with the ring you have purchased. Our team are at your service to provide you with the best options based on the budget you set.

We advise you to inform us at least 1 year prior to your planned proposal if you wish to commission a bespoke engagement ring. If there is uncertainty around the time of your planned proposal, you can look into our exquisite collection of engagement rings to select the perfect ring of your choice. Our engagement rings can be personalized by engraving them or by selecting a unique gemstone.

We work mainly in 18K (750) Yellow / White / Rose Gold and Platinum (PT950).

At Flin Lee, We work with all coloured stones and diamonds. We maintain a limited collection and primarily source for gemstones on demand to ensure the best possible price.

Yes we do. You can contact us to find out more.

Our expertise in the craft will always ensure the perfect fit for you. However, in the unlikely scenario where you are unhappy with the fit, we offer alteration services to help you get that perfect fit. For issues related to manufacturing defects, Please refer to our Return Policy

Yes you can. We provide a range of jewellery services such as:

  • Ring re-sizing
  • Ring engraving
  • cleaning and polishing
  • re-plating
  • tightening of prongs on solitaire diamond rings

Our bespoke pendants will not be accompanied by chain unless requested, or otherwise stated. We do offer a variety of chains that you may purchase separately.

Yes you can. We advise you to set up an appointment with us to find out more.

We are unable to accept returns or exchanges on bespoke pieces.

We accept bank transfers, credit card payments, and cash of not more than S$20,000.

We also accept payments made with crypto currencies.

Full payment is necessary in order to begin the bespoke process. In the unfortunate event where you decide to forgo the bespoke commission, you may contact us so that we can evaluate and work on your request.