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Shophouse Collective_Flin

Back SHOPHOUSE STORY BESPOKE FINE JEWELLERY DESIGNER Have you ever wondered about the various kinds of businesses that operate within Shophouses in Singapore? These historical buildings have a sense of nostalgia, and they embody that eclectic, old-world  harm. We love Shophouses and we set out to feature the businesses that operate within such amazing shophouses. Let’s meet Flin. He runs […]

Blending Creativity & Expertise to Craft Prestige Jewellery

Back Asia Business Outlook COMPANY OF THE YEAR – 2023 Flin Lee, Founder & CEO Flin Lee, Founder & CEO of Le Craftsmen is a celebrity jewellery designer and gem hunter. He is a professional gemologist and the author of the book ‘The Diamond Legacy’. His inclination towards gemstones led him to delve deeper into […]