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Jace & Jo was created to make exquisite diamonds an attainable luxury for everyone. Indistinguishable in chemical and optical properties to natural diamonds, Jace & Jo’s exclusive real diamonds make you sparkle without the compromise of quality, brilliance and beauty.

The boutique offers fine jewellery crafted from premium lab-grown diamonds that embodies the pinnacle of diamond brilliance. This ensures that every piece in our collection shines with pure sparkle. At Jace & Jo, the possibilities are endless—from exquisite vivid colour diamonds to unique designs, as we believe that…

‘Everyone Deserves More Than A Diamond’ - Jace & Jo

Our Diamonds

Authenticity & Quality

Jace & Jo’s offers real diamonds and are IGI internationally certified. Indistinguishable to natural diamonds with identical chemical and optical properties.

Brilliance & Sublime Transparency

Our diamonds are all premium diamonds with top colour: D to F colour, elite clarity grades: VVS and above and highest quality cut: Excellent and Ideal cut.

Unseen Vividity

Specially selected by our diamond specialist, our coloured diamond collection includes some of the rarest fancy coloured diamonds.

Eco-Friendly & Conflict-Free

Sustainable diamonds grown in our scientifically advanced facility in a responsible environment using a humble amount of energy. Committed to transparency of guaranteed origin and full disclosure to assure that our diamonds are conflict-free.