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Have you ever wondered about the various kinds of businesses that operate within Shophouses in Singapore? These historical buildings have a sense of nostalgia, and they embody that eclectic, old-world  harm. We love Shophouses and we set out to feature the businesses that operate within such amazing shophouses.

Let’s meet Flin. He runs a bespoke fine jewellery boutique and like us, he loves shop houses too! LE CRAFTSMEN is a fine jewellery boutique label that offers exclusive jewellery collections and is dedicated to  creating a luscious bespoke jewellery experience. At LE CRAFTSMEN, you can only expect the highest quality of gemstones and the finest workmanship from our master craftsmen.

We met up with Flin and ask him about his Shophouse experiences and gosh did we get some “golden nuggets” (no pun intended) of information. Check out the video from our visit with him via our Youtube channel.

How long have u been in this business and how did you end up in this industry? 
I have been in the bespoke jewellery business for over 18 years. I first started collecting gemstones and trading in my younger days when my friends were collecting NBA cards. I was greatly influenced by my dad. 

How did you end up operating your business in this shophouse?
I was looking for a place that’s got that nostalgic feel and that’s in line with my contemporary peranakan jewellery collection launching in 2023. I also wanted to integrate my business operations, where I can have a gallery on the 1st floor and my office and production area on the 2nd level.

What is the best thing about operating your business in a shophouse?
Shophouses are very different from conventional retail spaces. For my business, it offers that exclusivity and seclusively factors that I was looking for. I wanted to give my customers a boutique and VIP experience.

How does being in a shophouse help enhance your brand and customer experience?
Our clients also value the privacy and security – they don’t want people eyeballing their personal pieces as we have discussions. As part of our business, we also have to manage the security. We regularly showcase & facilitate viewing of high-end jewellery and gemstones. Being in a shophouse this part is easier to manage.

Compared to being in the usual retail spaces – what are the main differences?
Shophouses are unique compared to traditional retail spaces and we love it! Another main difference is the maintenance though.

What kind of maintenance do shophouses require you to upkeep as a tenant?
Shophouses don’t have MCST so we have to self-maintain. These include electrical, water supply, internet etc. Being a conservation building, they are older and sometimes there can also be pests like termites in the wood and rats in the backyard. But once we make good of it – Shophouses will last a long time.

Can you tell us a unique shophouse story? 
Well, you know that people normally use the air well to keep plants or aquariums. We actually turned ours into a cosy event space where we do weekend BBQs with the staff members and even private events with customers from time to time.

We are so grateful for this interview and the opportunity to check out this amazing shophouse.